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Our Sessions and Workshops

Our teams can provide a workshop, session, or group walk for you, your friends, or team

Our Design and Plant Care Programs

  • Plant care service

    Every week
    We will help care for your plants at your home or company
    • Plant care
    • Scheduled watering of plants
    • Monthly nutrient replenishment
    • Trimming and Cleaning
  • Help save our plants

    Every week
    Our team can help your with improving your green space
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • Team helps to assess problems
    • Implement biological beneficial mites*
    • Replenish soil to improve root health*
    • Optimize watering schedule
    • Introduce beneficial plant species*
    • (*as needed)
  • Interior Green Setup

    We will setup plants to create a calming and peaceful space
    Valid for one week
    • Consultation
    • Tailored plant selection
    • Design and layout
    • Installation and setup
    • Calming space ceremony

Proceeds of your contribution will support our healing garden projects

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