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Sharing your time sharing in safe conversations

Be a part of a welcoming team of volunteers who share plants, share experiences in nature, and help build awareness for self-care and mental-health wellness through plants and nature.

Build and grow public healing gardens

Help us to design, develop, and install healing garden projects in community centres, schools, and other public venues. We will be working with different community groups to create healing gardens and guide their members on how to care for the plants. 

Please contact us at 

Community advisory committees

Join our advisory groups and take part in our discussions to guide the direction of our programs and activities. These meetings take place over video-conference and are about once a month.

We currently are recruiting members for our Wellness and Education Program Committee, and the Healing Gardens Development Committee.


To learn more about joining these committee, please send us an email and share with us your professional (and/or personal) experience in mental health wellness.

Community Outreach: Plant care and wellness workshops

Program started in August 2020


Help organize, lead, or assist in delivering workshops on plant care, propagation, macrame making, art therapy, and many other eco-therapy related activities.


Join our volunteers to help others learn skills which may help them to take on a new hobby, to get outdoors, and to share their experiences and stories with others.


Our workshop programs take place in various settings: public (cafes), educational (elementary, high schools), wellness groups (University student groups, and community social programs, and clinical care centres). 

Building indoor nursery spaces

Help us to find partners in your community who can host indoor nurseries for our collected plants in our plant sharing programs. We also seek the help of individuals who are keen to setup and install temporary greenhouse installations, and who may be interested to setup and manage climate control and lighting equipment.

Please contact us at or use the form below

Community Sharing Program: Donate + Propagate + Share

Starting October 2021

Together we will collect, propagate, share learnings, and hand out plants to groups and individuals who may be in need of support from their community. The shared plants are shared to offer our friendship to others who may be experiencing mental health challenges and who may wish to have some plants.

Join our Facebook Group to get started

Please free to message us about our plant sharing program to help us get it started.

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If you would like more information and to attend an orientation session, you may sign-up here on our form:


For all other questions and suggestions:

Thanks for getting involved!

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