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What is Greenhound?

Our vision is to enhance the livability of our urban areas and provide green spaces for people to rest and cope with illness, stress, and mental health challenges. We aim to develop botanical gardens and dedicated spaces in Canadian urban areas that will be freely accessible for people to come to relax, learn plant care techniques, share plants, take therapeutic classes, and interact with others. We also aim to complement the plant-sharing community by making plants more accessible to all regions. Our goal is to contribute to the community and have an impact on mental health wellness of all Canadians.

Botanical Garden
About our mission

Plants have brought us amazing therapeutic support. Our personal experiences with having plants as a hobby in our home depression, anxiety, and loss led us to become inspired to help spread green vibes to others who may find comfort and restoration in having plants in their homes, or a garden space to visit. We started the Greenhound Canada Foundation to develop accessible urban healing gardens areas to provided dedicated safe spaces for calm reflection, to learn plant care and horticultural techniques, sharing plants, and to interact with others in the community. While doing so, we also aim to complement the plant-sharing community by making plants more accessible to all parts of the country. Also, all of us just really enjoy learning about and growing plants so much.

Healing Gardens

We envision dedicated healing gardens across our country which the community can access to propagate, grow, and share tropical and temperate ornamental and arrays of local and traditional medicinal plants. The concept of these sanctuaries is modelled after healing gardens which emphasize nature therapy and cultivate plants with healing properties. We envision sharing a diverse garden of plants and activities which support safe discussions and social exchange. Our gardens are places for safe sharing, for eco-therapy, and for learning sustainable horticultural and conservation practices to help share knowledge of rare tropical plants and traditional medicinal plants.

Volunteer Led and Community-Oriented

All efforts by our initiative are volunteer-led and supported by our gracious community partners. Plants grown by our volunteers may be used for fundraising to support our mission, and the proceeds of our fundraising support the development of healing gardens, public community programs, and our eco-therapy initiatives. Our overall goal is to support all Canadians to become a connected and supportive community, and to be there for those coping with illness, stress, and mental health challenges through growing plants together. 

Our values

Our community’s core values are inclusivity, involvement and collaboration, wellness and health of the community and our members, knowledge-sharing of sustainable and traditional practices, compassion, and respect for others and the environment.

Where can I get more information?

If you are interested in participating and getting involved, feel free to let us know. Contact us at

Instagram: @greenhoundcanada

Facebook: (Greenhound Canada)

Trowel and Soil
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