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Eco-therapy meditation: session and workshop with a 55+ community group

Ecotherapy Workshop with Dr. Eric Windhorst and The Yellow Door: 55+ Community Hour

Brew a cup of coffee/tea and join us at in an ecotherapy and knowledge-sharing session. In partnership with The Yellow Door (Montreal), we are pleased to present this session to the 55+ Community Hour program.

Facilitated by Dr. Eric Windhorst (he/him), together we will explore how individuals experience ecological self (i.e. their connection with nature), and how these experiences may relate to mental health and pro-environmental behaviour. Participants will be guided into reflect on meaningful, healing, connections that were facilitated by our collective nature experiences. Eric will also provide a short overview of what ecotherapy is, share his own stories of nature's healing power, and invite participants to share in with their experiences.

Participants aged 55+ are welcome to join. This session will be free to the public and will be offered in English. The group is bilingual.

If you are reading this & know of a senior who would like to participate, but they do not have a computer, please let them know they can join in by telephone. Please dial 438-809-7799 on Wednesday, July 28 at 2 pm.*

Dr. Eric Windhorst is a Registered Psychotherapist, coach, educator, writer, and (re)searcher passionate about personal growth and our planetary home.

What is ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy is based on the idea that people are connected to and impacted by the natural environment. A growing body of research highlights the positive benefits of connecting with nature.... Connection with the earth and its systems are at the core of ecotherapy. Many clinicians who practice ecotherapy believe that the earth has a self-righting capacity which operates through complex systems of integrated balance, and that if people can harmonize with these systems, they may experience improved mental health. Adapted from

The meaning of nature therapy can vary from person to person, but in general, nature therapy involves:

A trained, supportive professional A green environment Appreciating and exploring nature

If you wish to learn more about ecotherapy, please refer to the below journal articles. If you would like to contact a trained professional for help, please contact us at

Recommended reading and references

1. Summers, J. K., & Vivian, D. N. (2018). Ecotherapy–A forgotten ecosystem service: A review. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 1389

2. Burls, A. (2007). People and green spaces: promoting public health and mental well‐being through ecotherapy. Journal of public mental health.

3. Buzzell, L., & Chalquist, C. (2010). Ecotherapy: Healing with nature in mind. Catapult.

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