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Our plant care tips

We'll add care tips for all the plants we share in our gardens and the ones which are available on our fundraising online store


Ficus elastica variegata

  • Provide plenty of bright sun

  • Keep soil evenly moist, watering 3-4 times per week depending on your ambient humidity

  • Provide fertilizer once a month

  • If any leaves or stems break off, you can propagate them easily by placing the tips into a cup of water or some moist medium

IMG_0796 2.JPG

Scindapsus arygaeus

  • Provide low to medium bright light, never direct sunlight

  • Keep soil dry to lightly moist, don't be afraid to keep it on the drier side

  • Provide fertilizer once a month

  • You can propagate by node cuttings so make your pot even more full as it grows

  • Take lots of photos of the variations that come from your leaves and share it with the community :)


String of dolphins

  • Carefully take stems out of the pot, we have placed all the leaves and stems hanging over the edge into the pot for shipment

  • Like other peperomia, only provide water sparingly, the soil does not need to be too moist, it prefers to be on the drier side or else the leaves will rot easily

  • Sit back and watch the little dolphins swim

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